JFK Air Train Information

JFK Airport AirtrainAirTrain is similar to the subway system in New York City except that it travels above ground. The system connects to a variety of other transportation systems in the city, including the Long Island Rail Road, subway system and public buses. Visitors and locals can easily use a combination of transportation options to reach their final destinations.

AirTrain makes several stops at the John F. Kennedy International Airport, also known as JFK Airport. Travelers can get between the different terminals, get a ride to one of the onsite parking lots, travel to the rental car lot or get to the hotel shuttle areas, which offer free shuttle rides to local hotels. As the airport sees traffic throughout the day, AirTrain is open 24 hours a day and provides rides every day of the year.

When riding within the airport, it is important that you pay attention to the route. The Howard Beach route, Jamaica Station route and All Terminals Route make different stops within the airport. The Howard Beach Station and Jamaica Station within the airport provide rides to destinations across the city. Most routes have trains departing every 10 minutes.

While AirTrain is free for riders traveling within the airport, the system does charge a fee for rides outside of the airport. AirTrain makes stops in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, including stops at Penn Station. Paying for the trip is easy because all of the trains accept the MetroCard. This is a type of card used by locals to ride public transportation options in the city such as city buses. You can pay a flat rate for a set number of rides, but the MTA offers discounts for purchases of 10 or more rides. Another discount lets you use the AirTrain system as many times as you want within a 30-day period for a set fee.

The Howard Beach and Jamaica Station both have vending machines available that accept debit and credit cards. You can purchase a single ticket for the AirTrain, or you can purchase multiple rides at discount prices. The concession stand also has some authorized retailers available. Look for the employees wearing bright red vests with Metro Card Agent written across the vest.

AirTrain ensures the safety of everyone riding one of the trains. Signs posted around the stations help those with hearing problems, while the trains can handle handicapped passengers. Passengers can bring strollers, suitcases, guide dogs, animals in carriers and a variety of other items onto the trains, though no passenger can eat, drink or smoke on the train.