JFK Arrivals and Departures

JFK Airport Arrivals and DeparturesAnyone flying into or out of the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City should familiarize themselves with the arrivals and departures aspect of the airport. Doing so helps to make the travel process simpler and far less stressful than traveling so often is for passengers. There are several things passengers should know about the airport before they take off or arrive.

Passengers flying out of JFK have the opportunity to park their own car in one of the parking garages. There is a short-term parking lot, long-term parking lot, economy parking lot, restricted parking lot, and a reserved parking lot available to all passengers. There are several lots located close to terminals so that passengers have the shortest possible walk to their departing flight as possible. Rental car facilities are located on-site for passengers flying into the airport and wanting to rent a vehicle.

Terminal Information
For passengers departing JFK there are seven different terminals, each catering to specific airlines. The airlines are clearly specified on the signs leading into the airport to make it easy for passengers to find their terminal. Passengers who are riding with someone else can be dropped off at their terminal. No parking is allowed, so car services, taxis, or friends may only stop at the terminal curb side long enough to drop the passenger off and remove their luggage from their vehicle.

Passengers who are arriving at JFK can be picked up outside the baggage claim terminals located in each airport terminal. Additionally, there are car services and taxis available outside of each baggage claim terminal so that passengers can get where they need to go without any trouble.

Departure Information
It is recommended that departing passengers arrive at JFK at least two hours before their flight departs. This allows them time to check-in at their airline’s ticketing counter and make their way through security checkpoints. Passengers departing from JFK can check the status of their flight by calling the airport or checking the departures page on the JFK website or the airline website. This will allow passengers to see if their flight is departing on-time, late, or if it has been cancelled.

Arrivals Information
Passengers arriving in JFK could arrive at any terminal. Once the plane lands, passengers will follow the signs on the ceiling to their baggage claim area. From there they can find their car in the parking lot or head outside the baggage claim terminal to wait in the cab line, find their car service, or meet their ride. Arrivals information is posted on the arrivals boards inside the airport, on the airport website, and on each airline’s website for passengers and their loved ones to check on.