JFK Inter Terminal Connections

JFK Airport Inter Terminal ConnectionsJohn F. Kennedy International Airport used to be quite the headache for travelers. The congested, confusing roads leading to and from the airport caused many people to miss flights and arrive late for picking up people from their arrivals. The airport now has its own rail system to move people through the airport in an easy, quick way. The AirTrain can load up on passengers at several different stops before it arrives at the different terminals. Be sure to print out a copy of the AirTrain schedule to take with you when you plan to access the airport.

Lefferts Boulevard is the location of the long term parking lot that services John F. Kennedy International Airport. If you've driven your own vehicle to the airport, you'll be able to keep it here until you return. The AirTrain system makes numerous stops here throughout the day to pick up airport travelers. The ride from the long term parking lot to the main hub of JFK airport takes about 10 minutes. You'll have a comfortable, safe, and smooth ride along with other passengers who are going to the airport. You can stop at any of the stops that the AirTrain makes along the way if you need to.

Federal Circle is rented cars are parked. The AirTrain system usually stops there many times per day as well. The trains are large enough to accommodate plenty of passengers so that there's plenty of space for a comfortable ride. You could sit near a window and catch some of the sights of New York City as you make your way toward the airport. Your rented car will be picked up by someone to return it to the company you rented it from, and that will be the last time you'll ever have to worry about that car. Take the AirTrain to the airport for ease and convenience.

You could also take a taxi if you prefer a more private form of transportation. The usual taxis around the airport can hold 4 passengers, and you'll be greeted by friendly drivers. The taxi services near the airport only hire people who have shown the ability to transport people quickly between the terminals. JFK is a large airport, and it's spread out a lot. The last thing a person needs is to arrive at a giant airport and not know how to get from place to place. A taxi could be just the thing you need to make your airport experience a pleasant one.

Inter Terminal Connections at JFK airport save you time, money, and hassle. Use them to your advantage the next time you find yourself arriving at New York City's largest airport. The AirTrain system is highly recommended, but taxis can do the job, too.