JFK Bus Services

JFK Airport Bus ServicesBus service to the John F. Kennedy International Airport is available from several sources. Eritrean is among the most popular because this service leaves multiple times throughout the day. AirTrain also connects to the New York City subway system and the Long Island Rail Road, giving travelers multiple ways to get around the city.

Those taking AirTrain to the subway should look for the buses heading towards Howard Beach and JFK Airport Station. Jamaica Station and the station at Archer Avenue also provide access to the subway. The Jamaica Station also matches travelers to different bus lines in the city, including Q6, Q8, Q9, Q30, Q40, Q54 and Q60.

Some travelers prefer the NYC Airporter, which is a service offered through the city. The buses leave every 30 minutes from stations located around the city as well as a station at the airport. You can find the bus at the Bus Terminal, Penn Station and Grand Central Station. This transportation system sells tickets at the terminal counter, online and over the phone.

New York City also has its own bus service known as the NYC Transit Bus Service. The MTS authorizes and maintains the buses, and it has a full schedule of all buses and bus lines on its website. You will also find the bus lines listed on maps conveniently located around the bus station.

If you take a city bus, you need to carry exact change with you. The drivers cannot make change for anyone riding the bus. The city does have its own MetroCard, which lets locals ride the bus multiple times by swiping their cards on the bus. You can purchase a MetroCard and refill that card at locations across the city. The city buses make several stops at the JFK Airport, including Terminal 5, which is the newest stop. The Q10 bus picks passengers up from the airport and makes stops at the subway terminal and stops in Queens. The Q3 bus also makes stops in Queens and connects to the F train. The B15 bus carries passengers to East New York and the subway stations in that part of the city.

While taking a bus is a cheaper alternative to a taxi, passengers should respect others and carry minimal luggage. The buses do not have the space available for large suitcases or packages. As the buses connect passengers with the subway system, it's easy to find a subway that stops at the location you need. The only method of paying for the transfer to the subway is with the MetroCard.