JFK Taxis Information

JFK Airport Taxi InformationTaxi service is readily available to and from the John F. Kennedy International Airport. Local companies charge a set rate based on the total amount of miles that the trip runs, with specific rates set for areas around the airport. Starting at 4 PM and running to 8 PM on weekdays, the taxi companies charge an extra $1, which is the rate charged for traveling during the peak times. Traffic is worse during this four-hour period, and the driver must compensate for the time spent in traffic. From 8 PM until 6 am, the driver adds a surcharge of 50 cents.

New York charges its own state tax on any fares within the state. The state adds the 50 cent fee to the total cost of the trip. When you climb into the taxi, you might notice a $3 fee already on the meter. The state requires that all rides begin at $3, even those that take place within the airport. Some refer to this as the pick up fee, which is the price the driver charges for picking up passengers.

New York taxis also have a limit in terms of passengers. Ordinary taxis cannot carry more than four people at one time, and the driver cannot charge an additional fee for extra passengers. The price of the taxi rides includes everyone in the cab. The only exception is a minivan taxi, which can carry up to five passengers.

The cost of the taxi ride does not include a tip for the driver. While not everyone tips, it is a good idea if you receive quality service from the driver. Drivers cannot demand a tip or request a tip because tipping is at the discretion of the passenger. A 15 percent tip is customary in New York, though some tip up to 25 percent or more based on the quality of service.

JFK offers a variety of taxis, including those that travel between the various terminals. Rides within the terminals start at around $4 and rise to more than $10 depending on the distance between the terminals. Taxis also make the journey to Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, LaGuardia Airport, Queens and Newark Liberty International Airport. Rides within the city range from $20 to $64, while rides to Manhattan cost a flat $45. Taxi rides to the Newark Liberty International Airport can cost up to $82 plus a fee of $15 for traveling out of the state. Those who make multiple stops must pay a flat rate to the first destination and a mileage fee for each additional stop.