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JFK Airport Metro to JFKHistory
In 1942, New York City officials decided that the city needed an airport and began covering the swampy Idlewild Golf Course with hydraulic filler. Originally, airport planners intended to build a humble 1,000-acre structure. However, once the airport’s builders finished the project, the facility was five times the size of the original plans.

Commercial airplanes began landing at the Idlewild Airport in July 1948, and on December 24, 1963, the city renamed the airstrip the John F. Kennedy International Airport after the nation’s late president. Today, the airport welcomes over 80 separate airline companies.

When travelers depart from JFK Airport, they should be aware that they may not park in front of the building upon arrival. Friends or family members may drop travelers off at the front of the terminal, but airport officials only allow active loading and unloading of passengers.

The airport offers a parking structure for those who arrive to pick up travelers. Additionally, during a passenger pick up, friends and family may use the airport’s cell phone lot. If a traveler is driving to the airport, then they can park in the airport’s parking garage.

Accessibility Services
When guests with disabilities travel, they’ll find a number of services available. The airport features curb side unloading for baggage and passengers. However, travelers with disabilities should contact their airline for curb side assistance with their baggage. Additionally, skycaps are on hand to help passengers with luggage.

Other accessible airport services include drinking fountains, rest rooms and car rentals. When disabled passengers travel, they’ll have access to telephones and transportation between terminals.

At JFK Airport, more than 80 different airline companies offer service including a large number of foreign airlines. For example, passengers may book reservations with Air Canada, Air France and British Airways along with United States based companies such as Delta, American and United Airlines.