JFK Terminal Information

JFK Airport Terminal InformationThe John F. Kennedy International Airport located in Queens, New York services more than 70 different airlines from all over the world. For the convenience of travelers, the airport is mapped out by terminal and section so that airline passengers can find their way around the airport and to their departing flight without trouble.

JFK airport offers short-term parking garages, long-term parking garages, economy parking lots, and restricted mobility parking lots. Each lot is clearly marked and has distinct signs directing traffic once they are near the airport. All lots are easy walking distance from their respective terminals. Drivers should follow the signs to their airport terminal parking garage to ensure their walking time is easy. Furthermore, there are drop-off and pick-up locations along the terminals for passengers' convenience. Taxis, shared ride services, and private car services each have operations at the airport so that passengers can find a ride once they arrive. It is recommend that travelers do not take a ride from a solicitor, rather they should wait in the cab line for a licensed and insured cab to take them to their destination.

Passengers being picked up or dropped off at JFK will be picked up or dropped off directly outside of their terminal or baggage claim. Vehicles are not allowed to park in this area to keep it clear for other drivers. Passengers must call their ride to let them know they are waiting for pick-up. Passengers must meet their ride outside the baggage claim area or the car will have to go back around the airport and come back to prevent traffic issues from occurring.

The airport is also home to several rental car agencies if passengers should choose to rent a car to drive while they are in New York. There are eight terminals in the JFK airport and each one is full of restaurants, shops, and eateries. There are high-end shopping boutiques such as Salvatore Ferragamo and Coach as well as gift shops where travelers can pick up a few little items to take home with them. There are spas and ATM locations in each terminal. There are also restaurants and shops located outside of the terminals in the main area of the airport where people can get something to eat and do a little shopping while they wait for their loved ones to arrive.

Flight schedules are posted throughout the airport on large boards that portray all arrivals and departures for the day. When a flight is changed, cancelled, delayed, or moved to a different gate, that information is made available on the flight boards in each terminal. Passengers who have connecting flights in different areas of the airport and not much time to get to their flight can ask for assistance at the gate where they will be provided with a cart to take them to their next gate.